Is The BCCI Pushing For T20 World Cup Cancellation?

The BCCI has a reputation for being a bully and forcing other member nations to give in to its demands because the BCCI has the biggest financial clout amongst all other boards and can put tremendous pressure on the International Cricket Council (ICC). There has been reporting circulating for the last month that the BCCI is pushing for the T20 World Cup in October in Australia to be replaced with the 2020 IPL.

Now former Australian captain Ian Chappell has come out and implied that he believes the BCCI will get their way and have the IPL replace the T20 World Cup. Chappell who is known for speaking his mind said that the chances of the T20 World Cup now taking place are between a Buckley’s and none.

For our Indian fans, this is an Aussie expression for saying there is just about no chance for the T20 World Cup to take place in October. The question we need to ask though is whether the BCCI is pushing for the T20 World Cup cancellation or is the BCCI pushing for the IPL to take place if the T20 World Cup is cancelled?

This is an important distinction to make but Chappell has not made this distinction in his comments. Mark Taylor, the former Aussie skipper did provide more insight into these questions and put things across from a logical perspective.

Mark Taylor Believes T20 World Cup Not Feasible Now

While Australia would dearly like to host the T20 World Cup in October and bring in big revenues for Cricket Australia and for the economy as a whole, it is a difficult proposition. Taylor said that the current COVID-19 situation made it difficult for 15 teams to travel down under during October-November.

The T20 World Cup will require a total of 45 T20 games to take place across 7 different venues which makes it a huge challenge for Cricket Australia and the players from 15 different nations considering the on-going coronavirus pandemic. If Cricket Australia should push ahead with the World Cup, it will most likely be without the fans in attendance which is another blow as Cricket Australia would lose out on ticket sales.

There has been no official confirmation from the ICC or Cricket Australia on the status of the T20 World Cup but there are rumours floating around that it will be postponed to 2021. Given the fact that it is going to be difficult for the ICC and Cricket Australia to proceed with the T20 World Cup, the BCCI could make the most of this opportunity.

BCCI Could Host 2020 IPL In October

Mark Taylor believes what could work in the BCCI’s favour is that a T20 World Cup cancelation will leave a gap in the cricket calendar for the IPL to take place. This will then take the onus from cricketing nations and give each player the opportunity to decide whether they want to travel to India in October to play the IPL.

The BCCI would be comfortable with this scenario as given the enormous amount of money involved, the majority of overseas players should be willing to tour India in October to play the 2020 IPL.

The BCCI for now has not said anything about rescheduling the IPL but BCCI Treasurer refused to be drawn into the argument by saying that it was up to the Australian government and Cricket Australia to decide whether they were proceeding with the T20 World Cup in October or not.

Can The BCCI Pull Off 2020 IPL In October?

Things are slowly but surely going in the right direction in India as the government is easing out of lockdown mode. The Indian team is looking to get back into action with a 3 match T20 tour of Sri Lanka which could most likely take place at the end of June or in early July.

The BCCI will be happy to get in a full IPL in October and the biggest challenge will be the weather. October is when the monsoon season is in full swing and it will be up to the BCCI to work out reserve days in case bad weather plays spoilsport. We will have to wait a few more weeks to know if Australia is pulling the plug on the T20 World Cup!


India Willing To Accept 14 Day Quarantine To Play In Australia

For the first time in decades, there has been absolutely no form of cricket in either domestic or international arenas. The last cricket match that took place was on March 15 and since then domestic and international cricketers have been under house arrest in different parts of the world.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India had to postpone the 2020 Indian Premier League (IPL) and was hoping it would be able to get things underway by May 5. That did not happen and with every passing week, it looks highly unlikely that the IPL will take place this year. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has given the fans no update as to what the BCCI plans to do and has preferred to stay silent for now.

However, BCCI treasurer Arun Singh Dhumal told the press last week that India were now looking ahead to the test series in December against Australia. India are expected to travel down under to play a 4 match test series against the Aussies followed by a 3 match ODI series. This is a big series for both India and Australia as it is expected to be a closely contested series and a series that will generate a lot of funds for both boards.

Dhumal said that as of now the BCCI and the players were willing to accept a 14 day quarantine for traveling to Australia as they knew how important the test series was.

Will Australia Permit India To Tour?

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stated that even when the country removes all restrictions and life gets back to normal, they will not open their doors to overseas travel for quite some time. The general consensus as of now is that Australia is likely to open up international travel only in December 2020 or maybe even early 2021.

Australia has only made a travel exception to neighbouring New Zealand for now. Australia is allowing foreigners to fly out of the country and back to their home country but are not willing to let anyone from overseas into their country. Before Australia could impose an international travel lockdown, they were requiring all overseas travellers to be subjected to a 14 day quarantine period for testing before being given the go ahead to travel in Australia.

The BCCI is assuming that Australia will either change its international lockdown rules by December 2020 or make an exception for the Indian cricket team. The BCCI is not taking it for granted that the Indian cricket team will receive a free pass into the country and is hence prepared and planning for a 14 day quarantine period.

The big question is whether Australia will make an exception for the Indian cricket team. There are on-going discussions between the BCCI, Cricket Australia and the Australian government about what protocols will be in place should the Indian cricket team tour.

How Much Money Is On The Line For Australia?

Richard Colbeck, sports minister in Australia is very keen to get the sports market up and running in Australia and knows just how important it is to get the Indian team into Australia. If India do not tour Australia, Cricket Australia is expected to suffer losses in excess of A$300 million.

There is talk that the two cricketing boards are looking at extending the test series from a 4 match series to a 5 match series. If the two boards agree and a 14 day quarantine is mandated, it could turn out to be a very long overseas tour for the Indian cricket team.

What About The 2020 World Cup?

Given the fact that Dhumal is making reference to India touring Australia in December 2020 and no mention is being made of the 2020 T20 World Cup in Australia in October, it gives place for cricket fans to question as to whether the 2020 T20 World Cup has been cancelled. If the T20 World Cup is not cancelled, then India and all the other teams should be making plans for a 14 day quarantine in late September. Since there is no talk of any quarantine in September, it is quite possible that the T20 World Cup is being postponed and there is possibility that the 2020 IPL could replace the T20 World Cup in October.