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Ganguly Is Best Suited For New ICC Chairman Role

Sourav Ganguly was elected as the new BCCI President in late 2019 and was given a term of just 9 months to in the leadership role. This was very little time for Ganguly to make a significant difference in Indian cricket but the ex-Indian captain shrugged of the limited time frame saying ‘whatever will happen will happen’.

The global coronavirus pandemic brought international cricket to a standstill in March 2020 and it appeared that Ganguly’s 9 month frame would become even more limited as there was very little the BCCI could do with the complete lockdown. However, what looked like a dull and dead period for Sourav Ganguly is blossoming into something that is a lot bigger and brighter.

There is now talk that Sourav Ganguly could very well be the next ICC Chairman as many stakeholders believe that he is the ideal man for the job. If and when Sourav Ganguly does take over this covetous position, it would not only bode well for the BCCI and Indian cricket but also take him to an even more lofty position within the international cricketing fraternity.

Shashank Manohar Decides To Step Down

Shashank Manohar, who is the current ICC Chairman has decided not to go in for a third term even though the ICC Constitution would allow him to keep his position. Manohar initially took on the role of ICC Chairman in 2016 and was the first ICC independent chairman. Prior to Manohar stepping into the position, it was occupied by the former BCCI President N Srinivasan who took on that position without being elected.

Shashank Manohar decided to stand for a second term in 2018 and remained unopposed as no other candidate filed a nomination to stand for ICC Chairman. His second term comes to an end in July and he will step down after the ICC annual conference. There were rumours floating around that the ICC would extend his term for a few months as international cricket continues to deal with the consequences of COVID-19. However, that will not happen as there are plans going on behind the scenes to get a new candidate elected as ICC Chairman.

Cricket South Africa Back Sourav Ganguly

Many believed that Colin Graves, the chairman of the English Cricket Board would end up replacing Shashank Manohar whenever he stepped down. That seems unlikely now as the BCCI decided to test the waters and check with Full Members whether they would back Sourav Ganguly for the new ICC Chairman role and the general consensus is that they have his back.

Cricket South Africa (CSA) has been one of the Full Members who wasted no time in confirming they support for Sourav Ganguly. Top members of the BCCI including secretary Jay Shah, treasurer Arun Dhumal and Ganguly held discussions last week with CSA Director of Cricket Graeme Smith and acting CEO Jacques Faul.

Smith who played with Ganguly has backed him 100 percent for the ICC Chairman role and said that Ganguly has the credibility and the strong leadership skills to fill that role. CSA and the BCCI are currently in talks to reschedule their cancelled T20 and ODI series in March. The plan is to have South Africa tour India in August for a short tour of 3 T20 games. However, nothing is finalized as of now as both countries are still dealing with the coronavirus.

What Is The Process To Become ICC Chairman 

The ICC is yet to confirm what is the official process to become ICC Chairman. What we do know for now is that to be eligible for nomination, a candidate must have been an ICC Director or must currently be an ICC Director. An ICC Director is an individual who attends ICC Board meeting as representative of their country.

The ICC Board has a total of 15 directors and each director is allowed to nominate one candidate. Those candidates who end up getting two or more votes become eligible to contest the elections for ICC Chairman.

Given how powerful the BCCI is and how much sway it has with the other cricketing boards, be no surprise if the BCCI uses its long arm of influence to get the majority of ICC Directors if not all ICC directors to vote for Sourav Ganguly and make him the next ICC Chairman in July 2020.

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