How to bet on Indian Premier League 2020

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Indian Premier League or IPL, is the most exciting, most intense, and the biggest cricket tournament in the world, outside of the ICC World Cup of course. This much excitement, flair and colour, also translates brilliantly into some of the hottest cricket betting action imaginable. 

With the IPL being as big as it is, top international online sports betting sites have been falling over themselves to bring you the best betting options and coverage possible. This translates into great news for IPL fans, not only in India, but all over the world as well. However, with so many options available, how does one go about choosing the best site for effective and enjoyable online betting IPL action? BetJaw can help you to find the best IPL betting sites, with thorough vetting and in-depth reviews, all at your fingertips.

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Find the Best IPL Betting Site

Finding the perfect IPL betting site can be quite challenging, especially considering all of the key factors, features and criteria that one must look out for. Add to this the fact that India is the fastest growing online sports betting sector in the world, in particular for IPL betting, and you can see how this is motivating more and more sportsbooks to open up shop in India.

In order to be effective in your selection process, you would need to actually open multiple betting accounts with a number of sports betting sites that claim to offer IPL betting. However, this is a lot easier said than done, since this would require a great deal of time and money invested in each one. This is one way to really evaluate a site, by trying actual bets within a real-world environment. You would also need to test the quality of their bonus offers in a similar manner, the range of deposit options, speed of payouts and the quality of their customer service. All of this takes up valuable time that you may not have at your disposal. 

This is where a service like BetJaw really comes in handy, as we do all of the important legwork for you, so you don’t have to. Our dedicated team of IPL betting experts know all the ins and outs of the online sport betting scene, and know exactly what to look for when vetting a potential candidate site. So, if you’re looking to save time and money, why not try our recommended listings? Each recommended IPL betting site comes with its own complete and in-depth review, allowing you to make the most informed decision possible.

Some of the criteria we use to evaluate our top IPL betting sites include:

  • Level of site security measures such as SSL encryption
  • Licensing through UKGC and other regulators
  • Range of sports and relevant markets
  • Quality of available odds
  • Mobile apps and betting options
  • Range of bonuses and betting promotions
  • Quality and availability of customer support
  • Range of payment options for the Indian market
  • Speed of payouts
  • Ease of use (user-friendly site)

IPL Betting in India

Naturally, the Indian Premier League is massively popular throughout India, since this is our own home-grown league. There are eight magnificent teams, each with its own unique flair and flavour to follow, and each with their own batting and bowling heroes too. The IPL is not only massively popular throughout India, but the rest of the cricketing world as well, making it one of the premier cricket betting options world-wide.

Is IPL Betting Legal in India?

When it comes to betting on sports in India, it is technically illegal to do so in India itself. However, when it comes to betting online, things are a little bit different. Since the law does not specifically mention betting online, Indians can freely bet on IPL matches without worrying about any legal consequences. As long as the sites are held offshore and are fully licensed through recognised regulatory bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission, you should be fine. 

IPL Format and Key Teams

Interestingly, the IPL came about due to a dispute which occurred in 2007 between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the International Cricket Council (CCI) on one side, and the newly formed Indian Cricket League or ICL. The ICL aimed to become the number one source for cricket entertainment in India and was sponsored by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. However, both the BCCI and the CCI refused to recognise the move as a legitimate league, and the BCCI subsequently banned any Indian players looking to join the league. 

To further disrupt and nullify the efforts made by the ‘rebel league’ of the ICL, the BCCI decided to increase the prize purse in all local tournaments and events, as well as launch their own official answer to the ICL, in the form of the Indian Premier League. 

The newly-formed Indian Premier League, or IPL, launched in September, 2007, and was based on the new Twenty20 format and structure. The IPL would consist of eight franchises, each representing a different region and city in India. Initially, the list of franchises represented:

  1. Bangalore
  2. Chennai
  3. Delhi
  4. Hyderabad
  5. Jaipur
  6. Kolkata
  7. Mohali
  8. Mumbai

Since 2007, there have been a few changes, as different teams or franchises have been added or removed from the IPL. However, since it is only the current line up of IPL franchises that are pertinent to this guide onIPL online betting, we’ve only included the current eight teams in our list here:

Current IPL Franchises/Teams

  1. Chennai Super Kings
  2. Delhi Capitals
  3. Kings XI Punjab
  4. Kolkata Knight Riders
  5. Mumbai Indians
  6. Rajasthan Royals
  7. Royal Challengers Bangalore
  8. Sunrisers Hyderabad

IPL Tournament Format

Since the IPL is structured around eight franchises/teams, each team plays the other teams twice initially in the league stage. The league stage follows a home and away round-robin format, resulting in the elimination of four teams. 

The remaining four teams then move into a playoffs stage, which work as follows:

  • The top two finishers from the league stage play against each other in the first qualifier match.
  • The winner of the first qualifier match moves directly to the IPL final. 
  • The loser of the first qualifier gets the chance to qualify for a place in the final by playing in the second qualifier match.
  • The two teams that came third and fourth after the league stage will play against each other in an eliminator match.
  • The winner of this eliminator match will then move into the second qualifier and play against the team that lost the first qualifier.
  • The winner of the second qualifier then moves into the IPL final to player the winner of the first qualifier for the title of Indian Premier League Champions. 

Top 10 IPL Players to Date

  1. Suresh Rainer – Chennai Super Kings2,802 runs; 35.02 average; 141.37 strike rate; 100* highest score.
  2. Lasith Malinga – Mumbai Indians103 wickets; 17.95 average; 6.54 economy rate; 5-13 BBI.
  3. Amit Mishra – Deccan Chargers, Delhi Daredevils, Sunrisers Hyderabad95 wickets; 20.25 average; 6.93 economy rate; 5-17 BBI.
  4. Rohit Sharma – Deccan Chargers, Mumbai Indians2,513 runs; 32.63 average; 129.66 strike rate; 109* highest score.
  5. Chris Gayle – Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore2,512 runs; 52.33 average; 160.20 strike rate; 175* highest score.
  6. RP Singh – Deccan Chargers, Kochi Tuskers Kerala, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore87 wickets; 25.59 average; 7.84 economy rate; 4-22 BBI.
  7. Gautam Gambhir – Delhi Daredevils, Kolkata Knight Riders2,471 runs; 31.67 average; 127.04 strike rate; 93 highest score.
  8. Sachin Tendulkar – Mumbai Indians 2,334 runs; 34.83 average; 119.81 strike rate; 100* highest score.
  9. Jacques Kallis – Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore2,276 runs; 28.81average; 108.74 strike rate; 89* highest score61 wickets; 34.54 average; 7.85 economy rate; 3-13 BBI.
  10. Pragyan Ojha – Deccan Chargers, Mumbai Indians85 wickets; 22.69 average; 7.18 economy rate; 3-11 BBI.

IPL Betting Options

One of the most attractive features of this tournament is the sheer range of online IPL betting options that become available. In fact, when it comes to IPL betting, there really is plenty for everyone. Whether you prefer betting on the bowlers or the batters, or you prefer going big with outright betting – where you can wager on the outright winner of the whole tournament – you’ll find plenty of action. 

The following illustrates the sort of IPL betting options you can expect to find at top online sportsbooks:

Top Batsman

Since the IPL is all about getting as many runs on the board as possible in the shortest number of overs, you can always expect batsmen in the IPL to deliver big hits. Betting options include betting on the top batsman in a match, or the best batsman of the entire series. You can also bet on number of runs scored by a particular batsman, number of sixes and number of fours. 

Top Batsman by Team

This bet works in the same way as picking your top batsman bet but, instead you pick the team and the top batsman within that team that scores the highest amount of runs in a given match.

Top Bowler

Here, you can bet on which bowler you think will take the most wickets, either in a specific match or throughout the entire tournament. 

Top Bowler by Team

Again, similar to the top batsman by team bet but now you’re picking a specific team, selecting your bowler from that team and betting on who will take the most wickets. Here, in the event that there are two bowlers with the same number of wickets, the win will go to the bowler that cost the least runs. 

Outright Bet Match Winner

This bet allows you to decide who you think will win the match – outright. 

Outright Bet Tournament Winner

This is a similar bet to the outright match winner bet, but goes for the whole tournament. This is a very popular bet, since the risk involved is high, but the payoff can be quite substantial. 

Other Miscellaneous IPL Betting Options

  • Team that wins the toss
  • Total number of runs scored by a team in a match
  • Most match sixes scored
  • Most run outs
  • Man of the Match 
  • Method of dismissal

How IPL Betting Works

Betting on IPL is very simple and straight forward, and you can get going with your first IPL bet within a matter of minutes. To begin your online IPL betting, simply stick to the following steps:

  1. Your first and, perhaps, most important step, is to pick a safe and reliable online betting site with a good reputation. We suggest that you select one of our recommended IPL betting sites India for the best experience possible.
  2. Once you’ve selected a good sportsbook, visit the homepage to take advantage of their welcome bonus offer which you’ll need to opt in to by clicking on the offer banner. You’ll then be taken to their registration page, as you’ll need to create an account with them first. Note: this step will also apply if you choose not to opt in for the welcome bonus offer.
  3. The registration process at most sportsbooks is quick and easy. Simply follow the prompts and add a new password and username, your email address, personal details, contact details etc. 
  4. After completing your registration, make a deposit to qualify for the bonus offer. If you’re not interested in taking a bonus, make a deposit and move directly to the IPL betting main page.
  5. Check out all of the available IPL cricket betting options, make your selection which will then be automatically added to your bet slip. 

IPL Betting Tips

If you’re new to IPL betting, it can get a little overwhelming, considering all of your available betting options, teams and fixtures. The following IPL betting tips should help you to get the most out of your IPL betting online:

  • Do some background research into historic rivalries and match ups from the past. This will not only help you to gain a greater understanding of the dynamics involved in the IPL, but will also help you to see how teams have performed against each other in the past. Quite often, this will be a good indicator of how they will perform against each other at the present time.
  • Checkout each of the eight teams with regards performance at home and away. Do some teams do better on home ground? Do they fail when playing away? Knowing these performance stats can go a long way in determining which team to bet on when they are playing at home or away.
  • Look for outstanding performances in each match. This includes those that are excellent at batting, those who specialise in bowling attacks, those that excel in fielding, and those that are great all-rounders. Knowing this information can help you to decide on who to bet on for best batsman, best bowler, best all-rounder, man of the match and so forth. 
  • Learn the rules of the IPL as this can come in handy during the course of the tournament as anything can happen. Matches can sometimes be shortened or postponed due to weather or other circumstances, and it helps to know what’s happening at all times. 
  • Be a responsible IPL cricket bettor by practicing good bankroll management. This means never spending money that you can’t afford to on IPL betting. Decide before hand how much you can afford to spend, and stick to it.
  • Only choose to bet at safe and reputable IPL betting sites, such as those recommended by BetJaw.

Mobile IPL Betting

With the incredible advances in mobile technology over the past few years, being able to comfortably and reliably bet on the IPL on the go is now a complete reality. Depending on which site you choose to bet with, you may have the option of choosing to download a dedicated IPL betting app, or simply log in to your betting account from your mobile browser. Either way, you’ll have complete access to the full IPL schedule, all of the latest odds and betting markets, vital statistical information on players and teams, the latest IPL news and much more. 

Using IPL betting sites from your mobile device will work perfectly with just about any smartphone or tablet, as each site automatically adjust for your specific screen size and screen resolution. If the IPL betting site uses the latest HTML5 technology, you’ll be able to easily access all IPL betting from your iPhone or iPad, your Windows phone or tablet, all Android devices and some Blackberry devices as well.

IPL Live Betting

Did you know that you can bet on the IPL as the matches are being contested? IPL betting is not just for pre-match markets or betting options, you can take advantage of events as they unfold. This is known as live IPL betting or ‘In-Play’ betting and every good sportsbook will offer this option. The nature of the IPL makes it the perfect sport for live betting, as most matches are completely unpredictable and part of the excitement is not knowing what will happen next.

With live betting, you can follow the match live from your sportsbook online, either via a live video stream or a live infographic that updates events in real time. This allows you to quickly swoop on any market as it becomes available, maximising your betting potential as well as your overall enjoyment of IPL matches. 

How to Make Money in IPL Betting

Before we get into tips on how to make money in IPL betting, it is very important to note that making any significant money from IPL betting is very difficult for a number of reasons. The main goal of betting on the IPL is to enhance your overall enjoyment of each match, and just having as much fun with the IPL series as possible – not trying to make a living betting in the IPL.

With that in mind, here are a few useful tips that you can use to enhance your IPL betting experience:

  1. Determine your IPL betting budget, set it aside and keep it separate from money needed for other expenses. Never exceed your allotted IPL betting budget. This is known as bankroll management.
  2. Before commencing with online betting on IPL fixtures, always do as much research as you can. There is plenty going on throughout the IPL season, and it’s always a good idea to be on top of the latest developments with players, teams and matches.
  3. Avoid betting on draws. As tempting as this might seem, it is what’s known as a ‘suckers bet’, which is why most bookies will offer higher odds for a draw bet.
  4. Follow all match reports, including pre-match reports regarding the state of the pitch, the weather forecast for the day, and other elements that may have a direct influence on the outcome of the match.

Tips for Choosing Your IPL Betting Site

In conclusion, it should be quite clear to all readers now that IPL betting is not only easy, it is exciting, fun and can be rewarding too. With that said, we’ve created this final guideline which includes tips on how to choose your next site for your IPL betting. However, if you prefer to shortcut this process, you can simply select your next IPL betting site from our recommended listings. We’ve already conducted all tests and reviews on each site, so that you don’t have to. Whichever site you choose, you can be sure of its quality, for trouble-free and enjoyable IPL betting. 

Your IPL sportsbook checklist:

  • Always ensure that the site you are considering uses the latest in web security and is licensed and regulated through a legitimate sports betting regulator.
  • When reviewing the bonus offer, always check the T’s & C’s to ensure fairness and clarity.
  • Check to see if the site also offers a mobile version of their pre-match and In-Play betting platforms, either as an HTML5 platform, or as an app for your device. 
  • Check to see if BetJaw has already reviewed the site to gain more insight from the experts.
  • Before making a deposit with them, always check to see what the minimum amount required is, as well as their range of deposit options, and their relevant withdrawal policies.
  • Shop around and compare the quality of betting markets and odds with other sports betting sites on the same level or better.
  • Introduce yourself to their customer support team to evaluate their responsiveness, level of service, friendliness and ease of use.
  • Go through the list of sports that the site is able to offer such as football, basketball and horse racing. Spend some time on each and compare their markets to other sites, in the same way you would the IPL markets.